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Buckeye Ambassadors

The mission of the Buckeye Ambassador Program is to provide opportunities for students with leadership potential to further develop their professional and personal skills. Buckeye Ambassadors are responsible for representing the OSU—Mansfield student body during new student orientation Apply Nowprograms, leadership seminars, recruitment efforts, community events, and other activities. Buckeye Ambassadors help to facilitate the transition to college for new students, motivate current students to get involved, and reach out to the greater community to show that The Ohio State University is here!




Nicole Boggs




Major: Dental Hygiene

High School: Madison


“OSU-Mansfield’s staff has shaped my college experience. The professors are awesome here and are willing to help you one-on-one, and they want to see you succeed. At OSU-Mansfield, you are not just a number.”

Thomas Boggs




Major: Accounting

High School: Lucas


“I definitely enjoy the Big Ten experience on a small campus setting.”

Kayleigh Boyce




Major: Studio Art

High School: Ontario


“The professors here genuinely care about the projects and ideas I bring to the table in their classes. They look at me as a person, not just a student, and I’m eternally grateful for the way that has impacted not only my education, but also my whole life. It is so nice to have people to come to for guidance who want you to succeed. There is truly a feeling of family on this campus.”

Kurtis Donnersbach




Major: English

High School: Plymouth


“OSU-Mansfield is in a word… Awesome! The teachers are top notch and there are so many opportunities for students to take advantage of, and you can meet some really cool people while doing them.”

Evon Hayes




Major: Psychology

High School: Tinken Senior High

“My experience at OSU-Mansfield has been a pleasant surprise. I absolutely love Columbus and everything about it, so my mindset when I came here was to knock out one year and then make y way down to Columbus. To my surprise, I grew to love OSU-Mansfield and its benefits.”

Samantha Heilman




Major: English

High School: Northmor


“One reason I love OSU-Mansfield is because of how much the professors care about the students. My second year at OSU-Mansfield’s campus I went through an experience that affected my schoolwork. One of my professors noticed the decline in my work, just by the way my final paper was written. She made sure I was okay and offered me extra time when I explained my preoccupation. I love to hear that I was Sammi first and student second.

Emily Johnson




Major: English

High School: Ontario


“I’m truly honored and appreciative to have experienced college at OSU-Mansfield. This campus has enriched my perspective on future aspirations and has enhanced skill sets that will be extremely beneficial when I enter the workplace.”

Sam Johnson



Major: Education

High School: Northmor


"There is something to be said about being able to sit in class and know everyone including the professor. Being able to get involved and know faces on campus allows students to really be individuals. Being a Buckeye is about standing out and being your best. Here at OSU-Mansfield everyone has that opportunity.”

Kaitlyn Miller




Major: Math

High School: Clear Fork


“Success is inevitable here; I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Sienna Zimmerman




Major: Business

High School: Northmor


“I love how at OSU-Mansfield I can walk around campus and I always run into someone I know. Our campus has a warm, friendly feel that you just don't find on a bigger campus."







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