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Name Position Phone
Lindhout, Rose Mathematics 419-755-4236
Lindsey, Delwin Professor, Psychology 419-755-4359
Logan, Cheryl Teaching Non-Tenure Faculty, Education T & L 419-755-4378
Longood, Vincent Security Officer 419-755-4218
Lowery, Ruth Professor, Education 419-755-4263
McCoy, Randy Lecturer, Aviation 419-755-4126
Mazzocco, Philip Associate Professor, Psychology. Faculty Affiliate, Kirwan Inst for the Study of Race & Ethnicity 419-755-4352
Mahek, Mike Lecturer, Mathematics 419-755-4201
McEwan, Lee Professor, Mathematics 419-755-4257
McGovern, Barbara Associate Professor, English 419-755-4272
McLane, Michelle Coordinator, Student Development & Access Services 419-755-4304
Meininger, Les Security Officer 419-755-4218
McMahon, Kayla Lecturer, Mathematics 419-755-4267
Mikusa, Michael Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics 419-755-4269
Moloney, Kristine Lecturer, Mathematics 419-755-4208
Mueller, Andrew Director, Conard Learning Center and Math Instructor, Educ T & L 419-755-4133
Myers, Darla Office Associate, Conard Learning Center 419-755-4201
Munoz-Garcia, Agustin Assistant Professor, Anatomy/EEOB 419-755-4056
Neutzling, Paula Laboratory Supervisor 419-755-4253
Nickey, David Associate Professor Emeritus, Earth Sciences
Nothstine, Gerald Custodial Worker 419-755-4149
Orosan, Nick Interim Senior Director of Advancement 419-755-4113
Palmer, Collin Admissions Counselor 419-755-4205
Page, Rolanda Coordinator, Disability Services 419-755-4304
Pham, Matthew Lecturer, Economics 419-755-4347
Palmerton, Michael Air Quality Technician 419-755-4361
Parker, Dianne Lecturer, Mathematics 419-755-4311
Peltier, Tobias Contracted Technical Director 419-755-4297
Petersen, Shari Director of Admissions & FYE 419-755-4224
Pfahler, Charles Custodial Worker 419-755-4149
Poggo, Scopas Associate Professor, African American/African Studies 419-755-4202
Putikka, William Professor, Physics/Astronomy 419-755-4319
Racer, Jennifer Asst Coordinator, Athletics & Recreation 419-755-4040
Ramos, Marden Lecturer, Dance 419-522-8224
Reidimiller, Lauri Art Education 419-755-4212
Reno, Linda Office Manager, Student Services 419-755-4230
Rich, Lisa Lecturer, Social Work 419-755-4262
Richmond, Joan Lecturer, English 419-755-4206
Riedl, John Associate Professor, Mathematics and Dean Emeritus
Riggle, Elise Director of Student Engagement 419-755-4313
Robinette, Timothy Groundskeeper 419-755-4390
Robinson, Suma Lecturer, Chemistry 419-755-4340
Robishaw, Nikki Lecturer, Chemistry 419-755-4131
Rooks, Thomas Security Officer 419-755-4218
Ruthsatz, Joanne Assistant Professor, Psychology 419-755-4117
Ryan, Vicki Office Associate, Business Office 419-755-4307
Sackman, Regina Lecturer, Education T & L 419-755-4249
Schopieray, Michael Residence Hall Director 419-747-8500
Schopieray, Pamela Coordinator of Career Services, Community Service Work-Study 419-755-4234
Scott, Michelle Lecturer, Sociology 419-755-4207
Shaffer, Dennis Coordinator & Associate Professor, Psychology 419-755-4274
Shannon, Kate Assistant Professor, Art 419-755-4127
Sharma, Vinod Associate Professor, Economics, Emeritus
Siciliano, Tammy Lecturer, Chemistry 419-755-4341
Sims, Guy Housekeeping Manager 2 419-755-4149
Skinner, Carolyn Associate Professor, English 419-755-4039
Slack, Darlene Lecturer, English 419-755-4132
Smith, David Safety Officer and Hazardous Waste Specialist 419-755-4355
Smith, Tamara Supervising Secretary, Student Engagement 419-755-4312
Snyder, James Lecturer, English and Director of The Writing Center 419-755-4371
Sprang, Jeff Lecturer, Photography 419-755-4273
Stewart, Rick Academic Advisor & Program Planner 419-755-4231
Stimpert, Cathy Human Resources Officer 419-755-4047
Stimpert, Larry Building Maintenance Superintendent 419-755-4390
Strohl, Jeff Groundskeeper 419-755-4390
Stouffer, Natasha Admissions Counselor 419-755-4225
Stumpf, Douglas Maintenance Repair Worker 419-755-4390
Sun, Yongmin Professor, Sociology 419-755-4261
Surowicz, Connie Lecturer, Kinesiology 419-755-4339
Swihart, Stephen Lecturer, Mathematics 419-755-4208
Tabor, Debra Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid 419-755-4229
Tabor, Kristy Custodial Worker 419-755-4149
Tanner, Heather Associate Professor, History 419-755-4368
Thompson, Renee Family Engagement & Outreach Coordinator 419-755-4109
Thrasher, John Associate Professor, Art 419-755-4384
Torres, Christopher Lecturer, Kinesiology 419-755-4339
Tovey, David Associate Professor, Music and Associate Dean 419-755-4222
Tucker, Valerie Custodial Worker 419-755-4149
Utz, Marna Office Associate, Faculty Services 419-755-4236
Vulgamore, Ronald Laborer 419-755-4390
Vega, Joel Lecturer, Music 419-755-4212
Wagner, Blake Lecturer, Psychology 419-755-4303
Walter, Cindy Lecturer, Mathematics 419-755-4033
Wenzel, George Lecturer, Computer & Information 419-755-4236
Wareham, Pam Cafeteria 419-755-4290
Wells-Camacho, Lindy Lecturer, Spanish 419-755-4265
White, Brian Planner & Project Manager 419-755-4227
Winnick, Terri Associate Professor, Sociology 419-755-4289
Winterbottom, Christian Assistant Professor, Education T & L 419-755-4271
Wlasiuk, Jonathan VAP History 419-755-4121
Wyzgoski, Faith Associate Professor, Chemistry 419-755-4342

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