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Campus Change Policy


Making a campus change from the Mansfield Campus to the Columbus Campus requires an advising appointment with the academic advisor who advises the major you want to pursue on the Columbus Campus. Students who are not yet ready to decide on a major, or are not yet eligible for a selective admission major would make a campus change into the Exploration Program.  The minimum criteria for making a campus change would be having earned at least 30 semester hours after graduation from high school and having at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average. This may include transfer credit hours taken after high school, but excludes credits earned from testing, e.g. Advanced Placement testing or OSU Foreign language testing.  Some majors require a higher minimum GPA to make a campus change. The reception staff in Riedl Hall Room 104 will help students make an appointment with the correct advisor. Call 419-755-4317 to make an appointment.

Columbus Campus Change Information

Time Table for Making a Campus Change 

January 2014

Print out an updated degree audit for the major you wish to pursue. 

If applicable, become aware of any selective admission standards and prerequisite courses for the major you want.

Select several classes that you may schedule so that you can discuss them during your campus change meeting. 

Exploring students should begin thinking about some majors they would like to learn more about. All of the advisors can assist with a campus change into the Exploration Program, but it would be best to make your campus change meeting with the advisor who does a major you are thinking about. 

February 2014

Campus change appointments can be scheduled after February 11, 2014 and continue through March and April. Note that campus changes submitted in February are not processed any faster than those done in March or April. Processing does not take place until Spring Semester grades are posted in May. 

March 2014

Schedule an advising appointment with the advisor who works with the major that you want to pursue. 

Use the advising meeting to verify that you have the correct degree audit and select a tentative schedule for your first semester in Columbus. 

Identify your registration appointment time for Autumn Semester in your Student Center.  Rank 1 registration begins April 16th, and Rank 2 registration begins April 10th. (Summer registration times are earlier than the times for Autumn)

April 2013

Schedule your Summer or Autumn Semester classes for Columbus during your enrollment appointment time which appears in your Student Center. 

Students are expected to schedule classes during their enrollment appointment time, which is before the campus changes are processed.  Don't wait, schedule on time!

May 2014

College offices in Columbus review the Spring Semester grades for the students who requested a campus change into their programs. 

Campus changes are processed for the students who have met the criteria. 

New advisors are assigned. 

Emails are sent out verifying that the campus change request has been approved and processed and a new advisor has been assigned.



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