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Conard Learning Center



Conard Kudos: a collection of comments and testimonials from those who visit Conard daily.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Conard Learning Center is to create and implement an efficient and effective model of support services for student learning and to provide training and support to tutors and instructors with an emphasis on lower division mathematics and statistics courses.

Study Tip: GET OFF THE is the ultimate interrupter when studying.  The best thing to do is silence it or put it on vibrate.  They can leave a message!

Lab Info: Designed to provide a dynamic learning environment, the Conard Learning Center offers students the opportunity to maximize academic performance. A variety of academic supports are available in the center. Located in a contemporary addition to Bromfield Information Commons, the center offers two floors of resources, services, computers, study labs, and classrooms. 


The first floor of the Conard Learning Center houses the Math Lab, the Office for Disability Services, and computers to assist students in meeting their educational goals.


On the second floor of the Conard Learning Center, two Window labs are available for academic assignments. Each lab is equipped with approximately 30 computers. With a current ID, all Ohio State students have computer access to Ohio State resources, including the Internet, e-mail, and the interlibrary loan system. Computer lab assistants are available to help students with computer-related questions.


The second floor also has three classrooms, one of which is designed for two-way distance learning. Two small study rooms are located near the computer labs. Students may reserve the rooms at the reception desk.

To request an appointment with a member of our staff please contact Darla Myers at the reception desk at 419-755-4201 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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