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Course Offerings

Proposed Schedule Autumn 2014-Summer 2015

Autumn 2014

T&L 5282, Social Transitions of 4th/5th Grade Learners ONLINE (Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement)

T&L 5469, Phonics (Reading Endorsement)

T&L 6050, Multiple Perspectives on Teaching & Learning, MA

T&L 6052, Classroom-based Inquiry (Math Endorsement, MA)

T&L 6808, Multicultural & Global Perspectives in Teaching & Learning, MA

T&L 7713, K-6 Data Probability ONLINE (Math Endorsement)

Spring 2015

T&L 5284, Integrating Language Arts & Social Studies in the 4th/5th Grades ONLINE (Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement)

T&L 6053, Assessment of Teaching & Learning, MA

T&L 7428, Trends & Issues in Teaching Reading (Reading Endorsement)

T&L 7711, K-6 Number & Algebra ONLINE (Math Endorsement)

Summer 2015

T&L 5470 (May Term), Assessment & Remediation (Reading Endorsement)

T&L 5471, Clinical Practice in Treating Reading Disabilities (Reading Endorsement)

T&L 7701, Teaching & Learning in Elementary & Middle Schools (Math Endorsement)

T&L 7705, Cognition & Socio-Cultural Issues in School Mathematics ONLINE (Math Endorsement)


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