The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Richland County, as a result of the many years of hard work by its members and generosity of the alumni of Richland County, each year award scholarships to Richland County students entering The Ohio State University.

For more then 20 years, the local club has been providing locally administered and locally funded scholarships to first quarter full-time freshman attending The Ohio State University at Mansfield. The one year scholarships are granted in an amount equal to 50% of full tuition for three academic quarters.

In addition, since 1997 the club has annually awarded a $1,000 scholarship to a non-traditional student. Because a substantial portion of the student population at the Mansfield campus of The Ohio State University consists of non-traditional students, the Club studied the profile of the typical non-traditional student and determined that these students' needs for scholarships are at least as great as traditional students' needs.

Finally, the Club awards one-year full-tuition scholarships each fall to select outstanding high school seniors planning to attend The Ohio State University at Mansfield campus. In its first year, the award perfectly achieved the multiple motivations for its existence. The Club was able to use the award to recruit an extremely well qualified student who was considering a number of other universities and whose decision to attend OSU was very much affected by the award. In this way, the recruitment function of the award was satisfied. In addition, the candidate's exceptionally impressive credentials, including academic performance, strength of high school curriculum, academic commitment, community involvement, and ACT scores, deserved recognition and enriched the student body of the Mansfield campus.

A Scholarship Committee, appointed by the Club President, selects the scholarship winners. The Committee Chair solicits applications from all Richland County high schools with support from guidance counselors. The committee chair then prepares a summary of each application that displays the applicants' qualifications while hiding their name, high school, and even gender. Based on these summaries, the committee selects 8 to 10 finalists who are each interviewed by the full committee and then scholarship selections are made.

All but the two $600 scholarships are funded from an endowment raised through the efforts of the OSU Alumni Club of Richland County. Each year the club sponsors a "Beat Michigan Bash" in the week before the big game. Attendance has grown to the point that the Club moved the event to the Richland County Fairgrounds. This year, the limit of 1200 tickets sold out and the event raised $15,000 that was added to the scholarship endowment. The other major fundraiser held about every five years is a concert by The Ohio State University Marching Band in the historic Renaissance Theater.

In addition to the scholarships awarded by the Club, many applicants allow their information to be forwarded to the Mansfield campus for consideration of other merit scholarships. Thus, the process typically results in other scholarship awards to ten or more applications to The Ohio State University at Mansfield. Not only do some worthy students get recognition for their achievements but also some excellent students are recruited into the Buckeye family.

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