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Academic Problem Solving-- Rick Stewart

Adolescent Development-- Terri Fisher

Adolescent Sexuality-- Terri Fisher

Adoption--Cythia Callahan

African History-- Scopas S. Poggo

African American Culture & Literature-- Cynthia Callahan / Barbara Lehman / Scopas S. Poggo

American History-- Frederick C. Dahlstrand

Art-- John Thrasher

Astronomy-- Bill Putikka

Australia-- Tim Berra

Backwards Design-- Terri Teal Bucci

Business Ethics-- Glenn Hartz

Business & Professional Writing-- Susan Delagrange

Brazil-- Ozeas S. Costa

Career Planning-- Pamela Schopieray

Ceramics-- John Thrasher

Child Development-- Terri Fisher

Children’s Literature-- Barbara A. Lehman

Choral Clinician-- David Tovey

Christianity-- Norman Jones

Christianity & Homosexuality-- Norman Jones

Church Music-- David Tovey

College Preparation-- Rick Stewart

Color-Blind Racism-- Philip Mazzocco

Computers & Writing-- Susan Delagrange

Conventional Superconductors-- Bill Putikka

Cyprus-- Stavros Constantinou

Darwin-- Tim Berra

Education in Developing Countries-- Terri Teal Bucci

Elementary School Music-- David Tovey

Ethnic American Literature-- Cynthia Callahan

Ethnicity-- Stavros Constantinou

Evolution-- Tim Berra

Existentialism & Literature-- Glenn Hartz

Family Foundations of Sexuality-- Terri Fisher

Fish-- Tim Berra

Galapagos Islands-- Tim Berra

Geography-- Stavros Constantinou

GIS (Geographic Information System)-- Ozeas S. Costa

Grant Writing-- Terri Teal Bucci

Greece-- Stavros Constantinou

High Temperature Superconductors-- Bill Putikka

History-- Frederick C. Dahlstrand

Ichthyology-- Tim Berra

Internet-- Susan Delegrange

Islam (Basic Tenets, Relations with the West)-- Heather Tanner

Jared Mansfield-- Gary Kennedy

Job Search-- Pamela Schopieray

Kuku Society in Sudan-- Scopas S. Poggo

Mathematics Education:  Secondary, Middle Childhood, Elementary, Pre-School-- Terri Teal Bucci

Medical Ethics-- Glenn Hartz

Medieval History (W.Europe) - Political, women’s, religious & economic-- Heather Tanner

Medieval Islamic History-- Scopas S. Poggo

Mexican Art, Music & Literature-- David Tovey

Migration-- Stavros Constantinou

Military Rule to Multi-Party Democracy-- Scopas S. Poggo

Modern Middle East-- Scopas S. Poggo

Modern Sacred Music-- David Tovey

Music-- Mark Ellis / David Tovey

Nontraditional Students-- Rick Stewart

Ohio River Basin-- Ozeas S. Costa

Organ Recitalist-- David Tovey

Philosophy-- Glenn Hartz

Physics-- Bill Putikka

Psychology of Women-- Terri Fisher

Racial Disparity-- Philip Mazzocco

Racism-- Philip Mazzocco

Religion-- Glenn Hartz

Sex differences:  myths and realities-- Terri Fisher

Sexuality across the life-span-- Terri Fisher

Sharks-- Tim Berra

Sudanese History-- Scopas S. Poggo

Talking to your teenager about sex-- Terri Fisher

Technology/Human Values-- Glenn Hartz

Water Contamination-- Ozeas S. Costa

Water Quality and Availability-- Ozeas S. Costa

Web Design-- Susan Delagrange

What every parent should know about child development-- Terri Fisher

What to expect when your child becomes a teenager-- Terri Fisher

Women’s History (Ancient, Medeival & Early Modern)-- Heather Tanner

Women’s Literature-- Barbara McGovern

Writing and Revision-- Susan Delagrange

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