Tim Berra

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A Natural History of Australia


bk australia As the title says, A Natural History of Australia takes a comprehensive look at the sometimes bizarre, often spectacular and always fascinating natural history of the island continent. It describes in words, illustrations, tables and charts, and with some truly inspiring photographs Australia’s geography and geology, the Aborigines, the Great Barrier Reef, and the continent’s fauna and flora. From the perspective of an American visitor to Australia, it also takes a fresh look at our colorful history, laidback lifestyle and our unique brand of English.

A Natural History of Australia is a serious but accessible book that describes how isolation and aridity have shaped Australia’s fauna and flora. It explains the principles of Australia’s biodiversity and the complexity of its Great Barrier Reef. It compares the biology of Australia’s unique monotremes (egg-laying mammals) with those of the marsupials and with placental mammals. This fascinating book also reviews the latest discoveries in paleoanthropology. These are but a few of the topics discussed in Natural History of Australia.

Tim Berra, Professor of Zoology and two-time Fulbright Scholar, has a long-held affection for Australia. Over years, he has clocked up 160 000 kilometers of driving throughout Australia, camping for extended times in the bush. These experiences have given him the opportunity to observe much of Australia’s fauna in its natural environment. A Natural History of Australia is lavishly illustrated with more than 200 of the author’s own photos, as well as 220 line drawings.
A Natural History of Australia will appeal to all Australians and all lovers of natural history, travelers and tourists, and anyone interested in Australia and its wildlife. Readers will find Tim Berra’s writing personal, informal and friendly