Tim Berra

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Evolution and the Myth of Creationism: A Basic Guide to the Facts in the Evolution Debate


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What should an informed person know about the theory of evolution? This clear, candid, and generously illustrated book is written for the open-minded reader who does not understand the technical issues of evolution, but would like to, who sees everywhere the signs of a bitter political, philosophical, and educational debate, but does not know what evolution is, how science knows that it has occurred and continues to occur, and what biologists can point to, in fossils and in the living world, as hard evidence of evolution.

For its content and foundations, the book draws judiciously on zoology, botany, genetics, embryology, geology, geophysics, cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics, history, religion, and science education—everything expressed with a clarity that enables the general reader without a science background, as well as high school students and their teachers, to understand the argument from the first page to the last.



Praise for the Book

Berra’s brilliant exposition offers a refreshing, lucid, and insightful view of one of the most important ideas in the history of science. After reading this superb book, anyone with prior qualms about the scientific validity of evolution should be convinced that evolution is the explanation for the diversity of life on the planet. This is not an anti-religion book, but a very successful attempt to assist us all in understanding the scientific basis for evolution—an understanding essential to all inquisitive people concerned to know their place in nature. Donald C. Johanson, Institute of Human Origins

Berra provides a powerful antidote to those who imagine there is a controversy in the scientific community over evolution. Anyone who wishes to be in touch with his or her humanity should be thoroughly familiar with the evolutionary origins of human beings and with the process that created the diversity of life around us. Creationism is a dogmatic view that attempts to rob people of the glory of their origins.” Paul R. Ehrlich, Stanford University