Tim Berra

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Freshwater Fish Distribution


bk freshwaterFishFish occupy virtually every lake, stream, pond, river, creek, and tributary known. Because of their global distribution and their sensitivity to pollution and other sorts of disturbances, fish are excellent indicators of aquatic environmental health. Freshwater Fish Distribution includes details of the classification, identification, and distribution of nearly 170 families of fish. Each account includes an accurate and high-quality illustration of selected members of that group as well as a distribution map and accompanying commentary on classification, distribution, and diversity.

Key Features

  • High-quality illustrations of representatives from each family
  • Distribution map provided for each family
  • Commentary for each family 

Praise for the Book

“…an excellent guide to the distribution of fishes in fresh water . . .an informative text. . . highly recommended [for] all those interested in fish, including students and professionals.”
~ Joseph S. Nelson, University of Alberta

“...vast improvement…filled with just those-nuggets of information that every professor will want to pass on to their student…reflect[s] the major changes in classification that have taken place over the last 20 years.”
~ Bruce B. Collective, National Museum of Natural History

“…of critical importance to anyone interested in fishes and biogeography.”
~ Gene Helfman, University of Georgia