101 - Dominoes

Is there something about yourself that you'd do anything to change? Straightening the crooked domino.

102 - Escalator

Why do we compare our insecurities to other people’s strengths? Fishing for self-esteem from within.

103 - Fireflies

Are your worries like a constant lightning storm in your mind? Changing the flash from automatic to manual.

104 - Potatohead

Is your mood tied to how well your relationships are going? Do you boil your potatoes?

105 - Sloppy Joe

Are your needs and feelings as important as everyone else's? Meet Joe.

106 - Big Red Balloon

What if I fail? What might other people think of me? Keeping air in your balloon.

107 - Treading Water

Push, push, push… and push… Normal, right? Finding life balance. “Giving yourself permission to be human.”