The Ohio State University at Mansfield

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Campus Dining


Cyber Cafe

The Cyber Cafe is located on the first floor of Ovalwood Hall. The hours are Monday - Thursday, 8am - 8pm and Friday, 8am - 2pm.



The Campus Cafe

The Campus Cafe is located on the first floor of Eisenhower Hall. The Campus Cafe serves breakfast dishes, pizza, deli items, grilled items and homesyle cooked foods.

Open Monday through Friday 8:00am until 2:00pm.


Campus Meal Plan

Regional/Commuter/Off-Campus Meal Plans are comprised of blocks, each having a $5.00 value at the dining facilities. Generally, a full meal may constitute two blocks, whereas single blocks can be used for small meal/snacks or individual items.  Locations have menuboards with their product pricing, and meal plans are valid at all campuses. Consider your current eating patterns, as well as your own cooking, class, social, studying, sleeping and exercise schedules to choose which of the plans best meets your needs.




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