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The Office of Student Engagement provides many opportunities including leadership development programs, student organizations, community service opportunities, as well as many cultural and social student activities. Your college years not only prepare you academically, but socially as well. We welcome you to become a student leader and be involved in campus life.

Adventure Club

This club's purpose is to keep the doors of curiosity ope in the community, especially the interesting places to explore. For more information, please contact Mike LaCroix at or 419-755-4080.

This group of students from all denominations aims to create a community of believers that reaches out to the Mansfield campus community as a whole. Through Bible study, prayer, fellowship and outreach, our group seeks to provide a place for students to be both encouraged and challenged on their journey toward a closer relationship with Jesus. For more information, please contact Shari Petersen at or 419-755-4224, or visit the Awakening website at

Boxing for Chumps
The purpose of this group is to provide stress relief from the pressures facing studentsl. For more information, please contact Mike LaCroix at or 419.755.4048.


Campus Activities Board
Are you  a born event planner? If so, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is for you. Develop and plan campus events, develop leadership skills, and make friends. Some examples of what CAB plans include the annual Halloween Party; the Tuesday Afternoon Get-togethers (TAG program) featuring comedians, musicians, and illusionists; family programming; black light parties; foam dance parties; and a Spring Fest, a week-long celebration at the end of April with numerous activities and events. Check out the Involvement & Community Fair in the Fall for more CAB details. For more information, please contact Elise Riggle at or 419-755-4313.

Catholic Young Adults
CYA's mission is to provide a setting for students on campus for fellowship and to meet and discuss issues concerning the Catholic faith. The group also plans and conducts social activities, discussion groups, etc. For more information, please contact Ginny Corso at or 419-755-4232.

Club Ed
Club Ed brings together all levels of future educators in order to create an organization that will serve the community, mentor incoming students, and build relationships that will help members realize their common goal of helping children. For more information, please contact Mary Lou Harris at or 419-755-4258.


College of Social Work Student Association
The purpose of the College of Social Work Student Association (CSWSA) is to connect and unify the entire student body through various activities, social events, and leadership opportunities. For more information, please contact Mary Jo Hawk at or 419-755-4252.

Criminology Club
Criminology Club's purpose is to combine criminology, criminal justice and police academy students from Ohio State Mansfield and NC State to network within the surrounding community and to expose interested students to the diverse areas of the field of criminology. For more information, please contact Terri Winnick at or 419-755-4289.

Design Club
The mission of the club is to help students learn more about their career field in Visual Communications Media & Technology outside the classroom. For more information, please contact Lynn Damberger at ldamberger@ or 419-755-5664.

Economics & Business Club
The club offers students interested in business an opportunity to expand their educational experience by arranging field trips, inviting guest speakers from local businesses, industry, and the public sector, and organizing debates. For more information, please contact Bill Bauer at, or 419-755-4333.

English Club
The English Club acquaints students with the various programs available in English studies and provides opportunities in informal social settings for students and faculty members to share mutual interests. Activities include poetry readings, lectures by guest speakers, seminars on career opportunities, and field trips to plays and other literary events. For more information, please contact Jim Snyder at snyder.524@ or 419-755-4371.

Entrepreneur Club
The club promotes entrepreneural thinking and action within the social context of a mutual self-help community. Club activities and programs are designed to help equip entrepreneurs at all levels, with both practical skills as well as the peer support needed to achieve a successful business start-up. For more information, please contact Ross Justice at rjustice@ or 419-755-4840.

History Club
The History Club provides its members and the students of Ohio State Mansifeld and NC State College with an understanding to better appreciate the events that established our past as well as impact our future. For more information, please contact Heather Tanner at or 419-755-4386.

International Club
The International Club promotes cultural understanding, multicultural unity, and a deeper understanding of international concerns. For more information, please contact Charis Bower at

Martial Arts Club

The Martial Arts Club helps students maintain health and fitness, learn self-defense, and unify body and mind. For more information, please contact Nicole Martin at or 419-755-5634.

Ministry of Anime and Gaming
This group creates an environment conducive to anime and gaming and gaming-related activities and attempts to dispel the stigmas associated with gaming. The group also creates a sociable environment for students. For more information, please contact Joe McGregor at jmcgregor@

About Us

Multicultural Student Organization
The organization's mission is to support the growth and development of African American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Biracial, and Multiracial students through social and educational programming. MSA's primary focus is to promote multiculturalism and to raise awareness of people from various cultures and communities throughout the campus community. For more information, please contact Renee Thompson at or 419-755-4109.

NCSC Mechatronics Club

The purpose of this club is to support the interests of students and enthusiasts in the constantly advancing world of technology. The Mechatronics Club is for students of any discipline who are interested in the fields of robotics, science, and f mechatronics; as well as to build student camaraderie, teamwork and to just have fun. The club plans to visit local K-12 schools to encourage young students to choose STEM-related career fields, to participate in field trips to discover local career opportunities in the field of Mechatronics, and to compete in the annual National Robotics Challenge, as well as other regional, national, and possibly international challenges. For more information, please contact Randy Storms at or 419-755-4715.

OutLoud provides an anonymous, healthy, and safe place for the students of Ohio State Mansfield and NC State who are discovering their sexual orientation to develop an understanding network of support; to educate the Mansfield community on GLBT issues, culture and history through various programs and efforts; and to provide a place for GLBT students and others to meet, gain information and socialize through specialized programs and resources. For more information, please contact Donna Hight at or 419-755-4034.

Paralegal Association
The Paralegal Association promotes a high standard of professionalism to the legal community and to promote awareness of the paralegal profession. For more information, please contact Judith Sturgill at or        419-755-4778.

Phi Theta Kappa
The Beta Theta Eta chapter of Phi Theta Kappa recognizes and encourages scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this, PTK shall provide opportunities for the development of leadership and service, and an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship of scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. Students wishing to join must have a 3.5 GPA and must have taken at least 12 credits at North Central State College. Once a member, you are required to maintain a 3.2 GPA. For more information, please contact Barb Keener at or 419-755-4539.

Psychology Student Association
PSA promotes awareness and fellowship among students interested in the various fields of psychology, encourages interaction between students and faculty, provides students with opportunities to meet, network, attend seminars and gain hands-on experience in the field. For more information, please contact Joanne Ruthsatz at ruthsatz.4@ or 419-755-4117.

Respiratory Care Program
This program provides a means for students to promote education, collaboration, networking and professionalism of the respiratory care profession. For more information, please contact Robert Slabodnick at rslabodnick or419-755-4891.

Secular Student Alliance
The Secular Student Alliance promotes and practices open, rational, and scientific examination fo the universe and our place in it. It provides for a community for atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics, naturalists, and other freethinkers. For more information, please contact Pat Herb at pherb@ncstate or .419-755-4870.

Ski Club & Snowboarding Club
This group joins students interested in skiing and/or snowboarding and organizes and executes activities that foster interest in activities related to skiing. For more information, please contact Joanne Ruthsatz at or 419-755-4117.

Student Government
Student Government institutes programs for the betterment and enrichment of the university community and to express the opinions of students on any and all issues that are of concern to them. Student Government affords opportunities

for experience and to impact the community. For more information, please contact Barb Keener at or 419-755-4539.

Student Nursing Association
The Student Nursing Association contributes to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care, to provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing student, to aid in the development of the whole person, including his/her professional role and his/her responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life. For more information, please contact Carolyn Kaple at or 419-755-4841.

Student Veterans Association
The SVA provides military veterans and their families with the resources and support necessary to achieve their academic goals and gain meaningful employment. For more information, please contact Amanda Caltenaugh at or 419.755.4899.

Theatre Club & Theta Alpha Phi
The purpose of these theatre groups is to increase interest, stimulate creativity, and recognize excellence in all allied arts and crafts of the theatre. Students, community members, and alumni actively participate in several performances throughout the year. Students have the opportunity to enjoy social activities, perform service projects, attend conferences, and participate in regional and national competitions. Theta Alpha Phi is a national honorary society recognizing excellence in drama in the college environment. Club members are invited to join Theta after sufficient participation in shows and classes. Yearly awards are offered to individuals who make outstanding contributions to theatre on campus. For more information, please contact Dr. Joseph Fahey at or 419.755.4276.