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Elise Riggle
Director of Student Engagement

Elise would like to see student organizations, leadership experiences, and facilities upgrades improve the overall campus experience for students.  She enjoys working in the union because it allows her to watch students get to know each other and interact socially.  She is also able to watch students find their fit on campus. When not on campus, she enjoys spending time with her boys, and cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers!  A fun fact about Elise is that she says she has the sense of humor of a 15-year-old boy.

Tammy Smith
Programs Coordinator Student Engagement

Tammy has worked on the Mansfield campus for 26 years, the last ten of which have been spent in the Office of Student Engagement.  She looks at the campus as her second home, and enjoys being a part of the campus community, especially interacting with our students in the Union. She has two sons. She loves going to Buckeye football games, and still gets goosebumps when she witnesses Script Ohio.  She also has begun working on her "bucket" list and is determined to learn to two-step and play guitar, among other goals.   A fun fact about Tammy is that for eight years she coached cheerleading at a local high school.

Tomesa Brown
Business & Interior Design

Ohio State

After she graduates, Tomesa hopes to be working for a design company, and eventually having her own company. She enjoys working in the Union because it has a good flow of people and it's a fun place to work. She enjoys music, food and hanging out with friends. A fun fact about Tomesa is that she loves to sing and laughs at everything.

Maris Bucci

Ohio State

Information coming soon!

Brandon Cuda
Sports Industry

Ohio State

After graduation Brandon looks forward to beginning his career and enjoying life. He enjoys being involved with campus activiites in the Union. His hobbies include sports, video games,and anything involving activities with others. A fun fact about Brandon is that he loves to travel.

Ana Dimas

NC State

After graduations, Ana looks forward to getting a job and becoming financially stable. She likes that fact that working in the Union allows her to meet new people. Drawing cartoons is a favorite hobby. A fun fact about Ana is that Bruno Mars is her future husband!

Chezaraye Howard

Ohio State

Upon graduation, Chezaraye plans to attend graduate school, earn her Ph.D. and eventually start her own practice. She enjoys working in the Union because it allows her to interact with people and be involved with campus activities. Her hobbies/interests include sports, shopping, singing, dancing, eating, working out and hanging with friends. A fun fact about Chez is that she has nine tattoos and is working on a shoulder sleeve.

Wyson Kong

Ohio State

After obtaining his undergrad, Wyson plans to attend medical school. Working in the Union allows him to meet new people and to people watch. His hobbies include snowboarding and soccer. A fun fact Wyson shared is that he's Asian, grew up in Jersey...and no, not Jersey shore Jersey!

Justus Lee

Ohio State

After receiving her undergraduate degree, Justus plans on attending med school and becoming an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports-related injuries in teens. She enjoys working in the Union because she enjoys working with others and helping others have fun! She enjoys playing basketball and drawing. She is also a big fan of "Orange is the New Black" series on Netflix. A fund fact about Justus is is that her parents got her name from the 90's movie "Poetic Justice."

Katerina Ortiz

Ohio State

After graduation, Katerina would like to work as a nurse at the Cleveland Clinic or University Hospital in Cleveland. She likes working in the Union because it allows her to meet new people and to help others. In her spare time she likes watching movies and hanging out with friends. A fun fact about Katerina is that she is Puerto Rican and Proud!

Catherine Smith
Criminal Justice

Ohio State

After graduation, Catherine wold like to travel the world. She says she likes working in the Union because it's great to help people and supervisors Tammy and Elise are the best! Her hobbies/interests include drawing, listening/playing music, and reading. A fun fact about Cat is that she loves to laugh and just have fun!

Brittany Wilson
Early Childhood Ed

Ohio State

After graduation, Brittany plans on becoming a kindergarden teacher. This is her second year working in the Student Union. Her interests include reading, shopping, and doing nails. She also loves candles.

Amy Yu

Ohio State

After graduating, Amy would like to work at a company a few years before starting her own. She enjoys working in the Student Union because it gives her the chance to meet other students and help others. Her interests include shopping. A fun fact about Amy is that she really likes guinea pigs and turtles because she says they are really adorable!