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Elise Riggle
Coordinator of Student Engagement

Elise would like to see student organizations, leadership experiences, and facilities upgrades improve the overall campus experience for students.  She enjoys working in the union because it allows her to watch students get to know each other and interact socially.  She is also able to watch students find their fit on campus. When not on campus, she enjoys spending time with her boys, and cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers!  A fun fact about Elise is that she says she has the sense of humor of a 15-year-old boy.

Tammy Smith
Assistant Coordinator Student Engagement

Tammy has worked on the Mansfield campus for 24 years, the last eight of which have been spent in the Office of Student Engagement.  She looks at the campus as her second home, and enjoys being a part of the campus community, especially interacting with our students in the Union. She and her husband have two sons. She loves going to Buckeye football games, and still gets goosebumps when she witnesses Script Ohio.  She also has begun working on her "bucket" list and is determined to learn to two-step and play guitar, among other goals.   A fun fact about Tammy is that for eight years she coached cheerleading at a local high school.

Hannah Abraham

Ohio State

After graduation, Hannah plans to attend medical school.  She enjoys working in the Union because she gets to meet interesting people, and says interesting stuff happens in the Union. Her interests include writing, reading, playing sports, and listening to music. Her favorite color is purple.

Brittany Bowman

NC State

Rick Frys

Ohio State

After graduation, Rick plans to attend the OSU College of Pharmacy. He likes working in the Union because he stays informed on everything happening on campus. His interests include movies, snowboarding, football, basketball, volleyball, hunting, fishing, and camping. Rick says he is always willing to try new things and meet new people.

Tina Jennings
Social Service

NC State

After graduation, Tina plans to purchase her first home and then invest in a small property.  At some point she would like to  relocate from the area, but is unsure of where she would like to go.  She enjoys the Union because it allows her to meet many fun people:  Her hobbies include traveling and spending time with family and friends.  A fun fact about Tina is that she loves to laugh.

Tabitha King
Social Work

Ohio State

After graduation, Tabitha plans to attend graduate school for Law and become a victim's advocate. She enjoys her employment in the Union because she can become involved in campus life. She also enjoys meeting new people and says the people she works with are a lot of fun. She enjoys soccer and hanging out with friends. A fun fact about Tabitha is that she loves mashed potatoes!

Michael Murdell
Mechanical Engineering

Ohio State

After graduation, Mike plans to become a manager of an Engineering business. He likes working in the Union because he enjoys being helpful and meeting new people. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and any sport. His favorite color is blue

Kirk Neville

Ohio State

Kirk enjoys working in the Union because that's where all the programs take place. His interests include golf and karate. A fun fact about Kirk is that he loves go-karts.

Kelsey Shoes
Actuarial Science

Ohio State

Kelsey plans to be an acutary for an insurance company. She enjoys her employment in the Union because it's a fun environment and she is able to have interactions with many different people. She enjoys playing sports and hanging out with friends. An interesting fact about Kelsey is that she loves traveling. She hasa been to Egypt twice and was in South Africa for the World Cup in 2010.

Jasmine Storms
Physics, Pre-Med

Ohio State

After graduation, Jasmine plans to attend medical school. She enjoys working in the Union because she is people oriented. Her interests include soccer, sports, and adventurous activities. A fun fact about Jasmine is that she can read upside down..

Erica Vaughn

Ohio State

After graduation, Erica plans to get a job in a major city where she will be able to make a lot of money and find a good school district for her son. She's enjoyed all the fun, cool new people she is meeting this year, and enjoys the involvement she experiences in the Union. Her interests include music, eating, and social networking, mostly Twitter and Instagram. A fun fact about Erica is that she is obsessed with bacon, she puts the stuff on everything!

Connor Mulrooney
Film Studies

Ohio State

After graduation Connor would liek to travel the world directing and filming movies. He enjoys working in the union because it is a relaxed area where he can escape the stress of classes and keep updated and involved with campus life. His interests include watching movies, producing music, and deejaying. An interesting fact about Connor is that when he was a child, he was attacked by another little boy in teh Chuck-E-Cheese tubes and the boy literally bit into his back! Ouch!!